Alvin Raúl Cardona

Alvin Raúl Cardona holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master of Science in Journalism from Roosevelt University.

More about Master Cardona

Cardona has accumulated over 30 years of martial arts training. His journey through the martial arts began in 1976 under Master José Zuñiga of The Dragon Academy of Martial Arts in Chicago, a traditional Shori Goju and Kung Fu school. Cardona opened the doors to his own school in 1989. After several years of running a school and teaching martial arts, Cardona had the honor of meeting and becoming a direct student of the Grandmaster of Northern Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Lily Lau. Cardona is a direct student of Grandmaster Lau and he is the Chief Eagle Claw Instructor of her Chicago school.

Cardona has also trained in Israel at the Israel Military Institute, learning the techniques of Krav Maga (Israeli Hand-to-Hand combat) as well as developing skills in VIP security and anti-terror protocols. He has taught a number of workshops and seminars in Israel, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico. He has also taught summer programs for children and self-defense workshops at various colleges and universities.

Believing that it is important to stay involved with the community, Cardona has worked as a youth mentor for the JUF (Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago), donated proceeds from his martial arts events to the St. Jude Children’s hospital, organized food and clothing drives for impoverished Israelis, held meditation workshops for cancer-survivors and has raised money for people living with HIV by participating in the AIDS Marathon training program and running in the Chicago Marathon.

Brad Wadle

Brad Wadle, Kung Fu, Eagle Claw, Self Defense, Karate, Shaolin, Kenpo, Brad Wadle began his martial arts journey in 1987, studying Wado Ki Karate under Sensei Roger Jerome for two years.

More about Master Wadle

In 1997, Mr. Wadle began training under Master Alvin Raul Cardona, and has remained with Eagle Claw Kung Fu ever since. Mr. Wadle has acted as an instructor for Master Cardona for several years, and has had the honor of assisting in the instruction of most of his current black belts.

During his time with Master Cardona, Sifu Wadle has trained directly
with Grandmaster Lily Lau, competed in and judged tournaments, and
served as Master of Ceremonies at the Day With the Masters at NEIU
hosted by Master Cardona and at the Grandopening of the Chinatown School in Fall 2011.

Frank Gutierrez

Gutierrez started studying martial arts when he was sixteen in Miami, Florida. In 2002, Gutierrrez began training under Master Cardona at the Chicago Headquarters.

More about Master Gutierrez

He is a championship competitor in both forms and sparring, competing in Seattle, Michigan, Chicago, Ohio, and Dallas. He has served as judge in numerous tournaments around the United States, including the Legends of Kung Fu tournament in Dallas.

In 2009, he traveled with the team from the Chicago Headquarters to China, Hong Kong, and Macao. Gutierrez holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and LPC.

Ms. Laura Chadwick

Laura Chadwick has had a life-long interest in traditional Chinese martial arts. After graduating with honors from Austin College (near Dallas) with a double major in Anthropology and French, Laura began training under Master Alvin Raul Cardona in July 2002.

More about Master Chadwick

Through consistent effort and training, Laura has earned the rank of second degree blackbelt and is Master Cardona’s highest ranking female student. During her nine years of training in Eagle Claw, she has trained with Grandmaster Lily Lau, competed at tournaments in Ohio, Michigan and Chicago, taught kung fu summer camp for children, served as judge in several martial arts tournaments, published articles in kung fu magazines and now teaches kung fu and self-defense oriented towards women.

Laura has pursued an intellectual interest in the experience of the body and its cultural representations, particularly the unified theory of mind and body in Chinese philosophy that shapes the practice of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. She finished her MA degree in Medical Anthropology in May, 2008 from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She is now a full time student of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs). In addition to kung fu and school, Laura also works as a paralegal/researcher assisting refugees and immigrants in their legal proceedings.

Alan Morgan

Morgan began his training at an early age in Houston, Texas. After completing his B.A. in Performing Arts (Music) at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, he moved to Chicago to pursue a career as an actor/singer/dancer.

More about Master Morgan

It was his studies in stage combat and western fighting styles which led him back into the martial arts world.

Since joining the school in the fall of 2002, he has gone on to become an award-winning second degree black belt and an accomplished instructor. He has competed in Seattle, Washington DC, Dallas, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. He has trained with Grandmaster Lily Lau in San Francisco and Chicago. His other interests include: Photography, History, Music, and all things Celtic.


Leah Rebecca Cardona

Leah Rebecca Cardona began training in the martial arts at the age of 2 under her father Alvin Raúl Cardona. She is an award winning instructor at The Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu School – Chicago HQ. She has had the honor of training directly under her Si-Gung, Grandmaster Lily Lau.

More about Leah

Currently, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Mathematics with a focus on Food Science. Her responsibilities at the kung fu school have included teaching children’s classes and after school programs such as Reading, Writing and Martial Arts; The Kicking Kids After-School Program; and The Little Eagles.

She is a very dedicated instructor always instilling honor, respect, loyalty, discipline, and confidence in her students. Leah is a seasoned competitor at many national and internatonal martial arts tournaments.

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